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Board book with E.V.A.:
glossy cover
12 pages + cover/back cover + 1 folded page
230 x 230 mm
rounded corners
stickers + reward chart

Collection: Growing up!

Illustrator: Dania Florino

Here is the third title of “Growing up!” collection!
“NO! NO! NO!” replies always JOHNNY. He doesn’t want to eat vegetable, to share his toys, to have a bath, to go to the kindergarten, to go to sleep early… “NO!” is his favorite word! Luckily his sister RACHEL helps him to understand that sometimes saying “YES!” has great advantages!

This book is dedicated to little children who replies always “NO!”, teaching them that “YES!” could be a “magic” word!

Other titles of this collection: Bye-bye, diapers! – I can do it! – Magic Words