Board book with E.V.A.:
glossy cover
12 pages + cover/back cover + 1 folded page
230 x 230 mm
rounded corners
no. 16 stickers + reward chart

Collection: Growing up!

Illustrator: Dania Florino

Here is the second title of “Growing up!” collection! This is a beautifully illustrated book, with fun and simple texts, celebrating and encouraging children’s achievements. Rachel, the elder sister, is happy to learn her little brother Johnny to do for himself. Of course, being self-sufficient is not easy, it is sometimes tiring, sometimes boring but… very gratifying too!

This coloured book teaches children to engage autonomous activities in a fun way and hides two beautiful surprises: stickers and a reward chart… learning and growing up will be very fun!

Moreover, this title is perfect for introducing little children to the conception of time, showing in every spread one different season!

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