Bye-byeDiapers_Cover_230x230_WebSiteBoard book with E.V.A.:
glossy cover
12 pages + cover/back cover + 1 folded page
230 x 230 mm
rounded corners
no. 21 stickers + potty training chart

Collection: Growing up!

Illustrator: Dania Florino

This is a fun potty training story. The main characters are Rachel, the elder sister, and Johnny, the little brother who has to start using the potty. Rachel is a potty expert and she cannot wait to explain how to use it to her little brother. She will give Johnny detailed instructions, but using the potty is not so simple and Johnny will make some messes! However, after many tries, Johnny becomes a potty expert too!

This coloured book teaches children to use the potty in an amusing way. The last spread hides two beautiful susprises: stickers and a potty training chart! Every time that children use the potty-chair and go pee-pee or poo-poo, they will win a “LITTLE FISH” to stick on the potty training chart… learning and growing up will be very fun!

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Discover the two surprises in the last spread!