cop_johnnyING_defcor.inddBoard book with padded cover:
matt cover + glitter + UV spot
10 pages + cover/back cover
230 x 230 mm
phosphorescent effect in the last spread

Collection: Good night, my Love!

Illustrator: Dania Florino

This is a lovable and endearing bedtime story. The main character is Johnny, a 2 year old boy.  Sometimes, especially when he is excited, he makes a mess of grammatical rules! He is very curious and is discovering the world around him. One day Johnny discovers the MOON. He is so fascinated by it, that he wants to catch it. It seems impossible, but a child’s imagination has no limits!

The last spread hides a “PHOSPHORESCENT” surprise! Just turn off the light, and the moon and stars will magically shine! Children will be able to catch the MOON and exclaim “ME GET THE MOON” too!

Other titles of this collection: It’s time to sleep!  It’s time for Christmas!  It’s time to dream!