itstimetosleep_coverBoard book with padded cover and flaps:
matt cover
10 pages + cover/back cover
180 x 180 mm
rounded corners
flaps + glitter on little star in every spread

Collection: Good night, my Love!

Illustrator: Dania Florino

It’s evening. It’s almost time for bed. But there is a “problem”… Some animals of the wood didn’t find some objects and without them, they can’t go to sleep! Help them to find objects under the flaps… a shining little star is hidding too!

This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for bedtime but not only. The size 18×18 and padded cover is ideal for “little hands”. And the little star with glitter will be a beautiful surprise for children!

Other titles of this collection: Me get the moon!  It’s time for Christmas!  It’s time to dream!