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Mask Book
board book with cut-out holes for eyes, with handle
8 pages + cover/back cover
180 x 190 mm
rounded corners

Collection: Mask Books

Illustrator: Silvia Sponza

Little ones will love to turn into different cute animals, just matching their eyes into cut-out holes.

These books are perfect to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination.

Other titles of this collection: I’m a… penguin! – I’m a… bear! – I’m an… octopus! –  I’m a… cow! – I’m a… hippo!

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Board book with padded cover and flaps:
matt cover
10 pages + cover/back cover
180 x 180 mm
rounded corners

Collection: Good night, my Love!

Illustrator: Valeria Branca

It’s night and the jungle animals are sleeping and … dreaming! Read the clues, lift the flaps and guess what they are dreaming about. Under the lifts, fireflies are also hidden… find them all!

This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for bedtime but not only. The size 18×18 and padded cover is ideal for “little hands”. 

Other titles of this collection: Me get the moon!  It’s time to sleep!  It’s time for Christmas!