Board book with padded cover:
matt cover + glitter + UV spot
12 pages + cover/back cover
230 x 230 mm

Collection: Fairy Tales for the First Time

Illustrator: Monica Pierazzi Mitri

Once upon a time there was a wooden puppet named Pinocchio.
One day he magically started to move like a real boy and…
… and then?
Discover this wonderful fairy tale perfect to be read all together!

Other titles of this collection: Little Red Riding HoodSnow WhitePeter Pan

“Fairy Tales for the First Time” is a collection of famous classic fairy tales, told in a simple and fun way. Thanks to lots of dialogues, parents who read will have fun creating character voices, the  best way to draw children’s attention! These books are ideal for small readers too. The images are really beautiful and colourful. Children will love these amazing books.